The Science of The Secret

So today I want to talk a little bit about “The Secret.”  For any of you not familiar with it, it is the concept that each of us can manifest things in our lives by focusing intently on a desired outcome.  This is what is also known as Conscious Creation.  According to the movie by the same name, The Secret has been used by many  people in the know for many years.  And, the movie’s purpose was to let people know about this powerful concept that can dramatically change their lives.  So, how does this “secret” work?

Well, let’s first explore what modern conventional science has to say about the matter.  To really dive into how this phenomenon works, we need to begin exploring two different facets of science… genetics and quantum mechanics.  So, let’s dive in!

First up… genetics.  What in the world could genetics have to do with it?  Well, a lot actually.  Science, in their quest to completely understand and map the human genome, discovered something interesting.  When looking at the master stem cells (totipotent and pluripotent stem cells that have the ability to create any or all human parts), they discovered that by separating these cells out, what these cells “grew” into was completely dependent on the environment. The portion of this that is relevant to this discussion is that EMF (electromagnetic fields) caused these cells to differentiate.  So, quite literally, applying a specific energy frequency to these cells will cause them to “create” any one of the possible body parts… from blood to hair.

It is important to understand that our thoughts create energy waves, as do our emotions – the stronger the thoughts and emotions are, the more energy we emit on that particular frequency.  So, applying this knowledge to the understanding of cells, science has proven that a person can “think” and cause any desired “creation.”  Please note that I am not suggesting that if you think hard enough you will grow a 3rd arm.  But, this is exactly the “cause and effect” forces at play in our universe that science is now fully aware of.

Next… quantum mechanics.  OK, don’t get “deer in the headlights” on me just yet.  This isn’t the scary topic that it may seem to be.  Quantum mechanics is simply the science of understanding things at the smallest level.  So, the science states that if we understand the atomic world of protons, electrons, positrons etc… we can scale that knowledge up and understand a human or even a galaxy.  OK Jason, what the heck does this have to do with it?  Again, quite a bit!

In the study of the minutia, science found out something that was against the laws of conventional physics… yet clearly true.  Particles can exist in more than one place at one time!  Uh Oh! In order for this to be possible, science had to accept the fact that multiple dimensions (beyond 3D and time) must exist… and potentially an infinite number of them.  This gave rise to many new branches of quantum physics like Superstring and M theory (topics for another day… LOL). Now this is where it gets fun! If there is an infinite number of dimensions, then there must also be an infinite number of possible locations for that particle we were looking at.  Effectively, all locations for an electron do indeed exist at the same time.  OK, if we take the concept of quantum mechanics and scale it up (since that’s the whole point), then all possibilities for YOU exist as well.

OK, we’ve churned through the very rough explanations of how conventional science plays in, so let’s look at how to make that work for you.  Prior to these latest scientific discoveries, the whole concept of “as a man thinketh” seemed as if it was just… excuse the pun… “wishful thinking.”  We now know that this is in fact, TRUE.  So, armed with this knowledge, we can understand how truly powerful our thoughts and intentions actually are.  If all things are possible and we are broadcasting creative energy with our thoughts all the time… we are affecting what is created in our existence all the time.

We’ve all witnessed this already in our lives to some degree.  When we stress about bills, they just seem to come in faster.  When we’re 100% confident that we are going to get that promotion at work, we get it. Our thoughts and emotions are quite literally adding to the energy that is creating “what’s next.” This is why we have concepts in society such as “never doubt yourself,” “always be confident,” “be careful what you wish for,” “think wonderful thoughts” and “out of thin air.” Whether we knew it or not, these seemingly meaningless cliches were the most powerful advice anyone could have ever given us!

As always, feel free to comment! I’d love to hear your thoughts on things as well.  We’re all creating together!


Conscious Co-Creation is one of those terms that is mis-used, mis-understood and generally worn slap out.  It has been described as the point at which the entire world unites and chants a powerful “OHM” and our existence changes forever.  It has even been heralded as the point at which we become “gods.”   A magical moment in time at a future date at which we suddenly possess the power to do anything we want.  Well… Sign me up!

So, if it’s not that… then what the heck is it?

Conscious Co-Creation is already here.  It occurs every day whether we are “consciously” aware of it or not.  It’s actually quite simple and quite obvious in it’s simplicity.

As an individual, each of us proactively (or reactively) creates his / her own existence.  This is Conscious Creation.  This is the fundamental principle of the law of attraction and even much simpler concepts like “positive thinking.”  You can click on this link for a deeper discussion on this.

Conscious Co-Creation is the exact same concept applied to many of us at once… we are “co-creating.”  Is it not fair to assume that if one person can consciously create his tomorrow, he must have also created his today?  And if my today and your today are the same day (ahem… YES), then we co-created this day through cooperative conscious intent.  The today we see in front of us is the net result of the intertwining of ALL conscious intent.

So what about the Mayan calendar?  Doesn’t it count down to a specific date for Conscious Co-Creation?  Yes… and at the same time a resounding No.  This is another one of those misunderstood parts.  It does in fact show the collective evolution of consciousness,  but this is a gradual process that we are already participating in, not a magical moment in time at which you are imbued with powers and dubbed “almighty powerful universe controller person.”

The rules of social dynamics state that people will do what is best for both themselves and the group (usually).  The same is true for consciousness.  As time passes, more and more of us are aligning ourselves with the collective group intent of our higher selves.

Those of you that are actively participating in Conscious Co-Creation will notice that the manifestation of this creation is speeding up.  Those of you not participating may be finding yourselves saying “Man, time sure is flying by these days.”  This “speeding up” is due to the fact that as more of our collective conscious intents are in line with one another in benevolence, we are creating a much shorter “path of least resistance” for manifestation to occur.

It is a consciousness shift. It is already happening now… and although the results are proving to be quite magical, “This ain’t no hocus-pocus!”  It’s the way things work and have always worked.  We are just now becoming “conscious” of it.